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Title:Children's rights at a dignitarian horizon of responsible parenthood (Updated version)
Author(s):Willems, Jan C.M.
Abstract:All over the world, children, especially infants and pre-school children, are treated as theproperty of their parents rather than as legal subjects, entitled to the empowerment of theirparents, to healthy development and to preparation for responsible life, including responsibleparenthood. A strong libertarian tradition of formal parental autonomy does not seem to leavemuch room for a child rights based evolution towards a more dignitarian construct ofreproductive rights and parental responsibilities. In part one, a helicopter view ofthis theme is presented. In part two, the concept of responsible parenthood is explored on thebasis of a pedagogical model of the principle of the best interests of the child, as well as of anoverview of parental responsibilities and related state obligations under the Convention on theRights of the Child CRC, 1989.
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