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Title:Die kastilische Hoechstgerichtsbarkeit 1250-1520 / I. Czeguhn. - Duncker & Humblot, Berlin [2002]. - Schriften zur Europaeischen Rechts- und Verfassungsgeschichte, 40]
Author(s):Rhee, C.H. van
Abstract:The present book forms an in-depth study of a topic in Spanish legal history that for a long time has received little attention. In it, Dr. Czeghun, in a clear and convincing manner, discusses the rise of a more modern judiciary in the territories belonging to the Castilian Crown. His study is an important contribution to our knowledge of the development of the supreme royal court as an institution in medieval Europe. Additionally and apart from the scholarly merits of the present book, the fact that it is written in German makes it a valuable tool for those scholars who do not read Spanish. The fact that the author includes translations of important documents from Spanish in German enhances its qualities even more. Additionally, Dr. Czeghuns study contains useful tables listing the Kings of Castile in the period under consideration as well as tables setting out in a schematic fashion, judicial organisation, the jurisdiction of the royal courts and the prevailing means of recourse in Castile.
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